Social documentary photography

Editorial / Portraits

Editorial & Social documentary photography.
Editorial and social documentary photography aims to tell a story through photos. Literally aiming at the pictures telling 1000 words.

Editorial & social documentary photography can be found in books and magazines, but also on websites, newspapers, and even a presentation during a conference. The aim of editorial photography is supposed to illustrate, inform, and educate.

Editorial photographers can stage and produce an image, so there’s more creative control than other types of photography like documentary or journalism.

Social documentary photographers can not stage and must capture the moment that defines an image, tells the story and makes great journalism.

And you’re not executing a client’s idea like you do in commercial photography. Although, you are going to be on assignment so you do need to follow the briefing.

Just remember that social documentary style means that images should look natural and tell the message in the best possible way.

There are many types of social documentary & editorial photographers, you can specialize in news and events or studio images recreating real-life situations.

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