Corporate Portrait Photography


Corporate Portrait Photography

Business & Corporate portraits of staff in action and headshots are a simple yet effective and important tool for individuals and businesses to manage their profile and image.

Professional corporate Portrait Photography gives potential customers confidence about your business. Portrait Photography also gives a clear message about your culture and ethos as a business. Consistency and professionalism are critical for all portrait photography but there is an opportunity through the styling and wardrobe used, to give a message that tells customers what they can expect when interacting with the person and business. A good company portrait must also be consistent and adhere to company standards, must be easy to isolate and use on different backgrounds, and should convey the company culture.

Corporate Team Portrait Photography
Do you need professional business headshots and portraits for your company or team? We can provide team portraits for your company in the studio or at your offices.

Studio portraits are best for individuals or small groups, but can be inconvenient and difficult to coordinate for larger groups. Shooting on-site is ideal for larger group headshot sessions. Mobile onsite business photography takes place in an open area where we set up the selected backdrop and professional mobile lighting equipment. Shoot durations vary depending on the number of portraits, type and style of headshot portraits being produced, and the amount of time each individual being photographed has available. It is important to consider the room size for the shoot. The smaller the room available, the wider the lens that is required and this can cause undesirable facial distortion. The minimum room size is 5m x 3.5m but a room of 7m x 4m or larger is recommended if possible. A ceiling height of at least 3m is recommended if possible but 2.4m can be used if necessary. Image Retouching and Editing – All corporate portraits photoshoots include a number of professionally retouched and edited images.

Contact Colin Stephenson and let me customise a package for your business to deliver consistent and professional photographic portraits to make your profile shine.

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