Colin Stephenson Photography specialises in high end Architectural photography which can be broadly considered to encompass views of the exteriors, interiors and vistas of domestic, commercial, and engineering structures, as well as photographic records of the evolution of property developments, buildings or cities.


“There is a vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph.”
~ Robert Heinecken

By definition, architectural photography is the specialised photography of manmade structures. I believe this involves the use and knowledge of specialised lenses and equipment as well as editing software and techniques to portray the building or structure accurately and truthfully. Colin Stephenson adds his own artistic flair an interpretation of the structure by accessing light and elements handed to us by Mother Nature at the right time of day. I am invigorated by each new architectural photographic project as each is unique and different. Colin Stephenson Photography PTY Ltd thrives on capturing just that. Colin Stephenson Photography are based in George in the Garden route South Africa.

Having worked with several prominent Western Cape Architects to document their properties in various locations, Colin Stephenson Photography takes particular care to photographically document these projects in detail both interiors and exteriors. The sculptural interplay of the buildings and the landscape form integral components of the photographic compositions. Negative and positive spaces creating strong tensions within the architectural images are a key element of the Colin Stephenson Photography style of architectural photography. Texture, juxtaposed materials and whimsical play within the structures are elements we look for to attempt to clearly communicate the architect’s vision within their design through our architectural photography portfolio.