Landscape Photography is one of Colin Stephenson’s key focus areas. This area of photography holds a profound personal passion for Colin, who holds an Honours degree in Photography and is accredited by the Professional Photographers of South Africa with membership for this genre.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” ~ Ansel Adams

Colin Stephenson Photography has developed photographic studies of natural environments through both landscape and detailed botanical photographic documentaries. These portfolios have been used for fine art photography purposes, editorial and book publishing, as well as marketing materials for Tourism boards, nature reserves, game lodges and eco property developments. Colin has worked extensively in the Western Cape, based in George in the Garden Route allows access to great landscape and botanical photographic subject matter.

A typical Photographic study of landscape and Natural subjects documented by Colin Stephenson Photography, would include documenting and researching all biomes within a property or nature reserve. The landscape photography includes broad panoramic vistas with special care taken to optimise the natural beauty of the landscape by timing lighting and weather conditions on different occasions to get dramatic landscape photographs.  Details of plant and earth textures are photographed from an abstract graphic perspective with a fine artist’s eye. The Botanical studies would usually be briefed by the resident botanical specialist and include plant survey info and maps as well as flowering times to make sure that we can capture all the relevant botanical images required usually by walking a property and searching out all the hidden wonders. A study of this nature would take several months – sometimes years, we revel every second.