Colin Stephenson Photography focus on Interior and property Photography specifically for luxury hotels, and lodges as well as architects property developers and real estate agents to showcase their properties in magazines brochures and publications as well as website gallery and social media platforms. While our photographic studio is based in the Garden Route & Cape Town we provide interior photographic services for clients throughout the Western Cape and South Africa.


“I see something special and show it to the camera. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs.” ~ Sam Abell

Finding an interior and real estate photographer that can capture what you have created is an important decision. Interior property photography is a growing trend with luxury hotels, and lodges as well as architects showcasing their properties in magazines brochures and publications. Interior photography can be a challenging form of photography as you need to ensure that you capture the whole interior as a true representation, making use of all its unique characteristics as well as our most prized gift – light. For this reason we have in-depth knowledge of how our cameras, equipment, lighting gear and flashes work. We know how to get the lighting exactly right. Whether it is entire Lodge and its essence or just a room as a whole you are trying to capture or if there is a particular feature that needs to be the key part of the photograph, we are specialised in communicating these elements through photographs. Whatever the interior, be it a lodge, hotel, shop or home, we will bring out the best in subject.

With several prominent South African Hotel names under the belt including, Fancourt, Pezula and The Plettenberg Bay Park Hotel Colin Stephenson is particularly passionate about shooting interiors. Interior Property Photography needs to be specific to the location and the style set within the brief. We take the time to ensure that the imagery will meet the photographic brief. Essentials are choosing the right time of day to get the best light for each aspect of the interior using ambient light, portable studio lights or a combination of the two to create well-balanced contemporary photographs. Working closely with interior designers and stylists whenever possible has given our photographers an eye for interior design details, textures, fabrics and great compositions to help capture your interior. Colin Stephenson’s Interior Photography has been used for hotel and lodge marketing portfolios as well as by interior designers, estate agents and property developers to create a photographic document of a property for marketing purposes.