Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and great wedding stills photography is the most timeless way to remember it. You should have plenty of time to mingle, to hug friends and family and drink some champagne. That is what Colin Stephenson photography aim to do on your wedding day, keeping each photo as natural and as pose free as possible. There are plenty of special moments on your wedding day and those are the moments we would like to capture.

When it comes to the couples wedding portraits, it is best to include the bridal party and to make it as inclusive as possible. Wedding photography should be inclusive of all your loved ones and the precious time you have with all of them on the day is the most important memory you can make. Colin Stephenson photography approach to wedding photography is to include the family and friends as much as possible . Get them involved and loving the wedding photography experience and saving the moment with you, to document the love, the private jokes, crazy faces and a stolen kisses.

Keep moving, dancing and singing so that Colin Stephenson photography can capture those relaxed candid couple shots. Each wedding is different and Colin Stephenson photography aims to tell each story in a way that’ll suite the couple, their family and the crazy friends. Editing the photos is done in the same way and will be adjusted in a way to tell the story the best.