Editorial photography Garden Route


What Is Editorial Photography? Editorial photography refers to images that run alongside text in publications to help tell a story or educate readers. For example, a feature story about a new Theatre production or play might include images of the cast, the décor, and the performances.

Colin Stephenson’s editorial photos documented a small town we know so well, Sedgefield, Garden Route, South Africa. Where all are welcome & equal. We enjoy the magic restorative powers of fresh air, salt and freshwater activities and magic potion! Hmm sounds like another Gaulish dorp from 50 B.C. But that would fit with the amazing entertainment provided held in gatherings under starry skies to the cries of our cacophonous bards. By our very own, much loved local Thespians. I know you may want to look up that words’ meaning – and it’s not what you thought! But I read your dirty little mind. It means those who love Willie Wikkel Spies.

Bomber Webb, Nita Allsopp and Gareth Pretorius are such creatures who bring the best of Shakespeare to life in a bare bones theatre where no tricks of smoke mirror or lighting can be used to hide the raw exuberance of these amazingly talented actors. Indeed no smoke or mirrors are required as they play out the cloak and daggers in humours and action packed hysterics!

Editorial photography can be found in books and magazines, but also on websites, newspapers, and even a presentation during a conference. The thing is that editorial photography is supposed to illustrate, inform, and educate.

Editorial photographers can stage and produce an image, so there’s more creative control than other types of photography like documentary or journalism.

And you’re not executing a client’s idea like you do in commercial photography. Although, you are going to be on assignment so you do need to follow the briefing.

Just remember that editorial style means that images should look natural and tell the message in the best possible way.

There are many types of editorial photographers, you can specialize in news and events or studio images recreating real-life situations.

So we raise a Skull of the finest locally brewed amber nectar of the Gods to toast these 3 fine actors who did no hamming to elucidate and educate us about the best Willie Wikkel Spies has to offer. Thanks, three Cheers and please do it again and again and again!