Industrial Engineering & Construction Photographer


Industrial Engineering & Construction Photographer

Colin Stephenson has years of experience of industrial & engineering photography. He knows how to compose and light shots in industrial environments and draws on creative talent and well honed technical photography skills to produce stunning engineering photographs.

Photographic documentation of the civil engineering construction of roads and infrastructure for town planning process in South Africa. Professionally shot Industrial & Engineering Photography by a competent industrial photographer like Colin Stephenson is the most important marketing asset at an engineer’s disposal.

I use a specialist prime lens for architectural work. It allows me to correct converging lines and is just increasingly sharp. I provide stunning aerial photography and filming for the industrial and construction industry. For instance, images of large machinery, workshop environments, mining operations, CSI initiatives, factories, interior and exterior architectural photographs.

Photographic Services include the meticulous planning and execution of all photography assignments. From briefings, style and format decisions, through travel and security arrangements, we take the lead to make each project as effortless as possible for the client. Specialist Industrial Photographer. Civil engineering photographer. Construction site & Industrial Product Photography.

Should you need mining, corporate, construction, architectural and industrial photography undertaken, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Colin Stephenson Photography 072 601 0985