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Colin Stephenson is an industrial photographer who captures images in industrial settings for a variety of purposes. This series of industrial photography for Khubeka Engineering documents the rebuilding of the Garden Route Dam weir. The engineering process required taking photographs for each step needed to build the high tech new Weir. Photographs that show each part of the engineering structure and the construction process.

Employed by Engineers, architects and construction companies to take photographs that document industrial & engineering projects. In some cases, an industrial photographer may take artistic pictures for galleries or shows, using industry as the subject matter of the photographs.

Colin Stephenson industrial photography may take photos for advertisements or publicity, which need to make the subject look clean and marketable. An engineering firm may also need photographs that capture what a subject really looks like, without a lot of artistic flair, and photographers need to be able to adjust their styles to match the needs of the client. In essence, it is a form of photojournalism, architectural as well as landscape photography combined.

Large construction projects are best documented through a series of photographs taken by an industrial photographer. Contact Colin Stephenson for a quote to shoot your engineering projects.