Industrial Photographer, Cape Town, South Africa

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Industrial Photographer, Garden Route & Cape Town, South Africa

Colin Stephenson’s industrial photography portfolio includes every aspect of the industrial and manufacturing business world. With experience photographing factories, machinery, airplanes and helicopters, processing plants, assembly lines and high tech engineering for companies across South Africa. Industrial photography and images of industrial environments engineering projects and high tech construction industry sites.

Having, over the years, worked as an industrial photographer an array of diverse business sectors and the corporate world, I gained a lot of experience in producing industrial and promotional imaging. Several years in photography of industrial equipment, airplanes, machinery, buildings and much more lead to fantastic pictures.

An industrial photographer captures images in industrial settings for a variety of purposes. These types of photographers may be employed by various industries to take photographs that can be used in catalogues, newsletters, or within the company itself. In some cases, an industrial photographer may take artistic pictures for galleries or shows, using industry as the subject matter of the photographs. Most industrial photographers work on a freelance basis, accepting jobs from clients who can make use of their specific skills or style.

These clients may need photographs for a variety of purposes and the photographer will need to listen to what the client wants in order to provide the appropriate images. The industrial photographer may take photos for advertisements or publicity, which need to make the subject look clean and marketable. A client may also need photographs that captures what a subject really looks like, without a lot of artistic flair, and photographers need to be able to adjust their styles to match the needs of the client.

A series of photographs may also be created by an industrial photographer in order to document an industrial process. This may mean taking photographs for each step needed to manufacture a product or photographs that show each part of a factory, refinery, oil and gas facility or power plant. Large construction projects can also be documented through a series of photographs taken by an industrial photographer.

Not all types of professional photography will allow someone to rely on a definitive “look”, but architectural and industrial photographers are actually wise to create a recognizable style.
Consider that most architectural and industrial photographers will usually have to really take in a lot of area through the lens of their camera – regardless of their personal style. This is the reason that a wide angle lens tends to be mandatory for this area of specialization.

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