Nature Photographer Garden Route


Nature Photographer Garden Route

Join me, Colin Stephenson a Nature Photographer in the Garden Route, and explore some of the most beautiful coastlines and mountain passes in Africa, through your camera lens! Our small groups offer a personal approach to experience the best locations while learning about and improving your photography.

Based in Sedgefield in the middle of the Garden Route National Park (which boasts South Africa’s most beautiful lake and estuary systems), we will explore amazing seascape, mountainscape and landscape photography. The sandstone cliffs and rugged rocky coastline is juxtaposed with broad beaches backed by indigenous fynbos and tidal river estuaries that offer fantastic photographic subject matter for landscape enthusiasts.

The Garden Route offers one of the most temperate climates in the world and the tours are available all year round. Photographers always try to use the best early morning or evening light to produce the most beautiful images. I will keep an eye on the weather, tides and season to suggest the shoot location on the day that you have booked. I look forward to working with you on a Nature photo walk in the Garden Route to improve your nature photography. Using the best time of day to maximise the best photographic light available, I suggest shooting in the early morning or late evenings. Take advantage of the likelihood that the area you’re shooting will be less crowded. This is especially important in high-traffic “tourist” areas. The Garden Route is a popular national park and features several photographic landmarks.

Landscape photography isn’t about pleasing someone else. Or appealing to someone else’s sense of style. It’s about shooting what makes you happy. Exploring nature and trying to capture some of your personal experience in the landscape photos you take.

Photograph both the broader landscape and crop closely on textures. Drawing inspiration from nature’s colours and patterns. Some of the most interesting subjects can be right in front of us. This could be tree bark, a leaf, the forest floor, a bird’s feather. Shooting with a macro lens allows you to zoom in and crop close on your subject. Macro lenses magnify even the tiniest details and can produce some amazing images.