Landscape Photographer South Africa


Landscape Photographer South Africa

Landscape and nature photography of South Africa is my personal passion. Mainly driven by the desire to explore and experience our planet’s beautiful and stark South African landscapes since childhood. I am obsessed with photographing beautiful natural scenery and dramatic weather in perfect photographic light.

The legends of landscape photography like Ansel Adams have impressed on me the importance of consistently shooting and striving for better results. The aim of all landscape photographers is to capture the combination of emotional triggers and a euphoric visual journey to transport the viewer allowing them to get lost in the photograph.

These are the photographic moments, when the light, clouds and landscape combine to produce scenes so beautiful that they etch a profound place in viewers’ memories, that I revel in and continue to capture. I believe the essence of a landscape photograph is allowing the viewer to experience that place without ever being there.

Landscape photography has a key role to play in engendering a love for unspoilt landscapes and the beauty of our natural world. If I can share some of the most amazing moments I have been privileged to experience through my South African landscape photography then my life has made a difference to helping people protect and love the planet.