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Lifestyle photographer South Africa

Lifestyle photography needs to create a yearning for what’s in that photograph. This shoot of the relaxed outdoor lifestyle on offer at the Thesen Islands property development in Knysna

Try to anticipate photogenic lifestyle moments. Many beautiful lifestyle photography scenes last only a second. That’s why it’s crucial to think in advance and start shooting before that moment happens. Keep your camera ready at all times, and shoot in burst mode, so you can catch the seconds before and after every picturesque moment.

In some ways, lifestyle photography resembles wildlife photography. While there’s always a certain amount of luck involved, you can increase your chances of getting nice shots by paying close attention to how your models are interacting with each other and their environment. There’s some predictability to how people behave; for example, when someone is being silly or telling a joke, you can anticipate a smile.

You can also anticipate awesome shots by looking at the background and lighting of the scene. By moving around the scene, you can discover a way of composing your models that’s powerful in itself. After all, an excellent composition can be as eye-catching as a candid smile.

Create a story. Lifestyle shoots can be an experience or story in themselves. Capturing details that make up this story & provide context that can make the portraits more meaningful.

In addition to details, think about capturing the environment as a whole. Try stepping back and shooting the scene with a wide-angle lens. Experiment with different angles, so that you capture more than just the models. Think about how you can create a narrative with your shots, going beyond nice portraits alone.

Colin Stephenson has photographed the various stages of the Thesen Islands property development in Knysna since 2005. Thesen Island estate surrounded by the Knysna lagoon. The estuary flows through the estate, creating wide canals that give homeowners exclusive waterfront living. Real estate photography for both the Thesen Islands residential properties and the Dry Mill apartments have been ongoing projects, giving the photographer a unique aspect on this Knysna property landmark.

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