Royal Swazi Hotel

Lodges & Hotels

Royal Swazi Villas Hotel in Swaziland hired Create Photography, to photograph the hotel and tourist attractions that guests enjoy. Create worked with stills photography as well as video equipment to showcase the hotel. The photographic assignment include photographing the interiors of the hotel rooms and the villas on location in Swaziland. The unique hotel architecture needed to be captured photographically to show the volumes, interior photographs of the décor and exteriors of the hotel buildings. Photographing both during the day and the evening allowed for a variety of lighting conditions to help create photographic mood and to allow for long exposure night time photographs of the hotel to be captured.

The combination of film and photography in the same shoot has numerous benefits. Most obvious is the fact that the shoots are done at the same time and thus minimize the setup times and possible interruptions to the establishment. The films produced provide an elegant summary of the hotel or lodge, and allow viewers a brief taste of the experience they can expect from it. In addition, the photos also compliment the film and allow viewers to delve into more detail in any areas that may interest them.

Working for The royal Swazi Villas Hotel in Swaziland over a number of days allowed the film and photography crews to capture memorable guest experiences at the hotel and tourist attractions under the most favourable lighting conditions. The photography and video teams are practised at working together seamlessly to provide a complete document of the interiors and facilities provided by the hotel. On the hotel & villas photoshoot the film and photo crew captured interior and architectural footage of the villas and hotel suites. During the best evening light landscape photography and video clips allowed us to capture the best photographic video portfolio to best showcase the Royal Swazi Villas.