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Lifestyle Photographer

Create a story about your hotel with Colin Stephenson, a specialist hotel lifestyle photographer.

Lifestyle photo shoots can be an experience or story in themselves. Capturing details that make up this story provide context that can make the portraits more meaningful.

Essentially, lifestyle photography is the halfway point between posed portrait sessions and candid documentary photography. In hotel lifestyle photography, you try to capture life as it is, but instead of waiting for perfect, everyday moments to happen, you plan a photo shoot that will naturally create those moments.

Lifestyle portraits are a great option for photographers and models who don’t like the staged look of posed portraits. A lifestyle shoot is never 100% authentic because it’s been planned and set up as a shoot. Nevertheless, you can get images that reflect real life. The activities, locations, and expressions are all genuine parts of the person’s life, not something you created for the photoshoot alone.

If you want to get a lot of great photos within a short period of time, you still have to do some directing. Typically, the best directions in lifestyle shoots are general and activity-related. For instance, if you’re having a picnic, you can direct where to lay down the picnic blanket, so it’s in good lighting. Or, if the current activity isn’t working, you can prompt the next one.

The lifestyle photographer anticipates photogenic moments. Many beautiful moments last only a second. That’s why it’s crucial to think in advance and start shooting before that moment happens. Keep your camera ready at all times, and shoot in burst mode, so you can catch the seconds before and after every picturesque moment.

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