Kitchen photography Knysna

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This Knysna property has an attractive kitchen designed by Inside Living. The interior and kitchen photography reveal both the Asian, African and European design sense combined to create an interior which is modern and warm.

Inside Living kitchens showcase the best kitchen design in South Africa. Colin Stephenson works with the kitchen designer to photograph all the best angles on these high end property interiors. The interior photography captures all the kitchen finishes and craftsmanship of the kitchen designers.

Cape Town & Garden Route Architectural Photographer Colin Stephenson specialises in Interior and Exterior Architectural Photography. His unique approach to photography explores beyond conventional points of view and delves into the artistic portrayal of the essence of architectural form. Dynamic mood, shape, light, and contrast, as well as construction methodology and materials, all serve as inspiration. Architects, interior designers, property developers, estate agents, restauranteurs and hoteliers delight in Colin Stephenson’s unique artistic approach to interior and exterior architectural images.

For property photography and interior photography in the Garden Route and Western Cape contact Colin Stephenson photography.