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Professional Commercial Hotel Photographer, Colin Stephenson will assist you to be sure to get a complete shoot list together before doing a luxury hotel photography shoot for marketing purposes. This ensures people who are looking at the portfolio will get a full feel for the hotel and what it offers, and won’t be left with lingering questions that they won’t bother following through with your hotel to answer.

The Professional Commercial Hotel Photographer will want to cover the pool and at least one shot of every notable feature of the hotel, like the business centre, fitness centre, any bars and restaurants, gardens, the courtyard and so forth. The exterior, both during the day and at night, is also a critical aspect to capture. However, there are some additional shots you also want to make sure to get into that portfolio as well.

The fact is, though, that skill in professional hotel photography makes a difference. It is important to capture striking Hotel photographs of the lobby or reception area, since this will be a way to welcome potential guests to your hotel, just as the actual lobby will welcome them when they arrive. There can be a few guests in this shot as long as it is not too cluttered, as this will add authenticity. Remember, smiling, helpful-looking, happy-looking staff are a must, too.

Guest Room Photographs. You’ll want to be sure to get at least one interior photograph of each type of room, such as a suite, one King, two queens and so on.

Meeting Spaces and lounges. If there’s a ballroom, convention space or meeting space, you’ll want to get great interior photographs, too. In fact, an added touch can be to stage the ballroom for its different potential functions and get shots of each one to widen your potential guest base.

Once you’ve covered all these areas, any parts of the hotel that you find visually interesting are areas you should attempt to capture photographically. As long as there’s sufficient time, it’s better to have a bunch of shots you don’t end up using than miss a bunch of opportunities because of shots you didn’t take.

Professional hotel photographers, like Colin Stephenson, don’t just snap a bunch of shots and decide they’ll color and light correct in editing. They know how to frame a shot, how to set the camera to get the best results and how to edit photographs so they look authentic and inviting. A luxury hotel needs to show something to its potential clients that is a cut above, and that is where professional hotel photography comes in.

Professional hotel photographers, like Colin Stephenson, provide your luxury hotel or lodge with photography that will make people look at your hotel and say, “I have to be there.”

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