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Hotel Lifestyle photography

The world through the eyes of your guest. The ultimate guide to bringing your hotel experience alive in captivating lifestyle photography. Colin Stephenson specializes in hotel and lifestyle photography.

If you want dynamic and lively hotel photography, then you should consider doing a lifestyle photoshoot. This kind of photography places people into real-life situations at your hotel, capturing moments as naturally as possible. Lifestyle photography tells a story about guests and the experiences they have at the hotel. The goal is to create an emotional connection with potential guests by having them imagine themselves relaxing at the hotel spa, feasting on the fine dining or reclining peacefully in their rooms.

First of all, we always recommend working with professional models. Although this has additional costs, it is undoubtedly worth it. Working with professional models who are used to posing and listening to the photographer’s directions will save you time and energy.

Models should represent the main demographics of the hotel. Pay particular attention to the age range and different ethnicities. They should look credible, not too beautiful or clichéd so that it’s easier for guests to identify themselves with the subjects.
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