Guest House Photography


Guest House Photography

Colin Stephenson photography provides a high quality guest house photography service to guest houses that are located in Cape Town, South Africa and Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mauritius.

When it comes to attracting holiday guests and ensuring regular bookings to your guest house, beautifully presented photographs are great to have, as they provide potential guests with a visual display of your property.

A set of stunning guest house photographs are important when marketing your property online, be it on your own website or across other booking sites, as well as across social media. Colin Stephenson, a very experienced guest house photographer, can capture the very best qualities of your guest house and the views surrounding it, as well as the interior living areas and exterior entertainment and communal spaces. A guest house photoshoot can be scheduled as either a day or dusk shoot, depending on the mood you wish to convey through the resulting photographs. My photography style has developed over time, with the understanding that each guest house we capture is unique and requires a custom and creative approach.

For all of your guest house photography needs, Colin Stephenson photography can step in to provide a remarkable service. Once I am happy with the photographs captured, my team of in-house photo editors will proceed to edit the images in order to enhance colour and contrast, allowing us to produce the best photographs possible for every client we work with. With an emphasis on high quality, Colin Stephenson photography will take the time to ensure that every single photograph perfectly represents the assets that will help your guest house to stand out.

To discuss your requirements contact Colin Stephenson, 072 601 0985