Airbnb Photographer Garden Route


Colin Stephenson is a property photographer based in the Garden Route focusing on interior, architectural and property photography. Colin Stephenson offers a variety of photographic services for interior designers, architects, estate agents, hotel and guest house owners and homeowners wanting to rent out their homes or holiday homes on Airbnb and other websites.

Make sure that your Airbnb listing stands out, by showcasing the very best and most unique assets of your property through a set of high quality photographs. Stunning, memorable and professional photographs play an important role in a guest’s final decision to book your Airbnb property online.
Colin Stephenson has photographed Airbnb apartments, homes and villas of different sizes and styles, capturing the ambiance that you as a homeowner and host have created.

Colin Stephenson understands what clients need to promote and sell their homes or businesses delivering quality photographs. He uses natural light and professional photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop software to ensure excellent quality property and Airbnb photography.