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Colin Stephenson Interior Photography

Colin Stephenson’s Interior Photography aims to make the space look and feel natural. Good interior photography uses natural light as much as possible. But you’ll still most likely need the aid of strobes or flashes to fill in shadows.

When using any artificial light, you want to make sure to bounce or diffuse it. And to adjust the strength of the lights so that it maintains a natural look.
Bouncing the light can be a simple matter of pointing it towards a wall behind you or the ceiling. You can also diffuse the light with various types of softboxes and umbrellas.

While less is more, don’t be afraid to add some small styling touches! When working with interior designers, my role is to give a professional photographic opinion about the setup. And then to adjust decor as needed.

Consider whether the scene looks better with a specific item. Does the decorative piece add something to the vignette? Do the colour and texture work well? Does it feel cluttered or too empty? Does it feel natural? Is the decorative piece high-end and beautiful?

Get Rid of Any Clutter in interior photography for the best results. It may seem obvious, but clearing the clutter is an absolute must. We want to see that gorgeous counter-top marble. Or see how the light hits the custom alcove with only one stunning sculpture in it.

As an interior photographer, it’s part of my job to tell your client how to prepare the space for photos. Relay the value of a clean space before the photoshoot.

Colin Stephenson, a professional Interior Photography expert to guide you through the process of shooting great interiors for real estate and hotels.

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